What is a mobile phone case?

Mobile phone cases are used to protect mobile phones. There are different types such as anti-fall, anti-scratch, anti-fouling, and anti-electromagnetic radiation.

Advantages of mobile phone cases

The mobile phone case can protect the mobile phone shell from damage and extend the life of the mobile phone; it can increase the grip of the mobile phone, prevent slipping and damage; it can change the appearance of the mobile phone and increase its aesthetics.

Disadvantages of mobile phone cases

Some mobile phone cases that have not been inspected may cause quality problems, such as plastic odor; some thick mobile phone cases may affect mobile phone signal reception; some mobile phone cases that are not ergonomically designed may cause discomfort to hold.

How to choose a mobile phone case?

Choose products with guaranteed quality rather than cheap but unreputable products;
Choose scientific and reasonable styles according to your own needs, such as anti-fall shells, waterproof shells, etc.;
Choose materials that suit you, such as silicone, PC, TPU, etc., and avoid purchasing toxic and harmful materials;
Choose a style with ergonomic design, not only for aesthetics, but also for grip and feel;
Choose a design that adequately protects your phone, such as protection for the jacks and buttons.

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